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What is Live Unbreakable?

Originally started as an early morning bootcamp run by Shaun Provost, designed to help working moms and dads establish healthy habits, Live Unbreakable became a much bigger and more bad-ass business than I ever anticipated.  With the continued support of absolutely amazing athletes, clients, and friends in the industry, Live Unbreakable has become a way of life. Virtual, personal, and group training, obstacle-specific coaching, and nutritional / healthy lifestyle coaching combine under one umbrella. Nervous? Don't be. The only thing you have to fear is how powerful you will become.

Who is Shaun Provost?

The original Live Unbreakable athlete! Ironman, marathoner, gymnast, runner, dog mom, sarcastic friend, marketer, daughter... Want to know a little more about me? Here goes.

At the very beginning, ballet was where I found a passion for moving and being active.  Shortly thereafter, gymnastics became my life (and the life of my family members, too. Gymnastics meets take up an entire weekend day, and training is 4-5 hours per day.. at least! Plus, my mom was my coach so it was always a family affair).  I was a competitive gymnast for 13 years before I had to make the difficult decision... compete at a collegiate level, or get a degree and start a new (financially sound) career in a different field. Yikes.

I inevitably chose the latter, going to a liberal arts college outside of Boston, hating the world for a few years and wishing I went the gymnastics career-route.  I tried diving, didn't like it. Worked out in the gym, couldn't get behind it. Running? It was alright, but not what I was interested in. I loved being active but I never found my niche.  Then one day, someone told me I "could never even complete" a Spartan Race. Ha - OK!  If you know me, you know that hit all the right "reset" buttons, and I was off on my own to race.

I started with a Hurricane Heat and then into a Sprint in Tuxedo, NY back in 2012, met a couple awesome athletes and continued training. Within five months I was at the hardest race of the entire series, the very first Killington Ultra Beast. Needless to say, although sore, I beat the majority of naysayers.  It wasn't long after that I fell in love with the mental and physical challenge of the sport, the athletes that competed with the same passion as I did, and the badass reputation that came with it.

The passion and competitive spirit continued to grow during the next few years as I raced the long, the short, the stadiums, ran undefeated for a few years in the shorter series and took on new challenges.  But I was naive, was training too hard for too long, and unfortunately got injured. A lot. I had no idea what I was doing, but whatever it was worked for long enough to keep me going, so I kept at it. Stupid. I broke bones, tore muscles, injured tendons and ligaments.. the whole gam-it. I took much needed, resentful, time off.

That time off from competing gave me another "reset" that I desperately needed. I started researching about coming back, taking care of injuries, focusing on nutrition, and proper technique for the sport I was so in love with.  It was a new mental and physical challenge for me than actively participating in the sport, but let me stay in tune with the industry.

While I do absolutely love the occasional obstacle course race or local 5k, my gears have shifted and I now enjoy longer, endurance-focused races like marathons and Ironman triathlons. Having never stepped foot at the start line of any triathlon before Ironman Arizona 2017, I completed that race and my life was forever changed - in all the best ways possible.

That feeling of crossing the finish line - of the Spartan Ultra Beast, the Stadium Series, my first marathon, Ironman Arizona... the sheer determination, dedication, grit, passion, and elation that comes from achieving my goals, I want to help you feel that, too. I sincerely hope that everyone has the opportunity to feel that accomplishment, that insane "wow ALL my hard work paid off!" moment that you deserve. Let me help you get there.

Let me also say a huge THANK YOU to all my family and friends who have supported, motivated, inspired, crewed, and loved me through the ups and downs of my life and my career.  I know it hasn't always been easy - but it's always very much appreciated. Without you all, I wouldn't be able to do what I do. 

What's Next?

Between working and racing (and training for both), I really love working in the community. Racing for specific causes and working closely with a number of foundations to raise both awareness and funding are really where my heart lies.  Whether it's a local 5k for the animal shelter, or a World Marathon Major that I am running or volunteering for, I absolutely wouldn't trade the experience for the world.  I've completed one full Ironman so far, two Ironman 70.3, and 9 full marathons outside of those, with eyes on Kona next year! Nothing is out of reach if you believe in yourself. I want to help you get there. #LiveUnbreakable