So there’s this thing I’ve been doing lately. it’s called “clean-eating,” why hello there, results, nice to finally see you.

Clean Eating (v): Consuming food in its most natural state, or as close as possible.  Not necessarily a diet, clean eating is a lifestyle approach to food and preparation, leading to an improved life both mentally and physically – one meal or snack at a time. Me? I describe it as giving your body an oil change.  Once you have clean oil and fuel – your body gets rids of toxins easier and quicker, and you feel better, lighter. You now notice how bogged down you once felt.

Disclaimer: eating clean is hard. Like realllly hard. At the beginning, youll notice all of your bad habits right away, all at once, because they stick out like a sore thumb! But it DOES get easier. Like a lot easier. And I’ll tell you why.

Whenever I talk to people about eating clean, I always get a myriad of excuses right off the bat. Even if I’m not trying to convince them to change their diet (9/10 times, they ask me questions and I simply answer, explaining my reasoning behind kale juice or something), and they spit back some pretty intense verbiage usually in a negative way about how it’s not feasible in the long run, or something of the sorts:

It’s unhealthy to restrict your diet. I can’t, I have a family. I was just hungry. I was lazy today, I usually eat better. I forgot lunch. The candy bowl is right next to me. I’ll start tomorrow. I’ll start fresh on Monday. I don’t have any support.  It was just one meal. I don’t have time. It doesn’t taste as good.

Excuse me… taste as good? When you’re sick and you chug the NyQuil from the bottle - does that taste good? How about those shots last night – did those feel good? No, no it doesn’t. but it makes you feel better (for a moment), so you live with the other negative consequences. Well, same thing here. I don’t ever find myself craving kale juice, steamed broccoli, or some other things I ingest, but they make me feel better and they are good for me, and so I eat them.

I don’t judge them, or you, or anyone else for the way you conduct your life, we all make choices that are reflected in our lives every moment.  I also won’t counter their arguments. I just listen and nod, and let them get it out. I eat the way I eat for me, my progress, and my goals.  I do try to educate them, give them resources, and offer my support, but clean eating has to be a conscious decision you make for you, everyday. And some people aren’t ready yet. That’s ok, because not too long ago, I wasn’t either.

A good friend of mine told me that “Consistency is results best friend, you have to be consistent and you have to have the passion to get where you want to go.”


And just like that, in the middle of a text conversation in the middle of the day, it started. Clean Eating was my new focus from that moment forward. Maybe it was my competitive nature “I can do this. It’s a challenge! Let’s own this challenge!” or maybe it was my broken foot “I have to change something to continue pushing myself, to continue getting better..” or maybe it was because I don’t do anything halfway (even my broken foot – all in!)  whatever it was, I’m glad it happened.


now just to keep in mind while you’re reading this;  this is my own journey. i picked the terms,  the timing, the restrictions, all of it - because i wanted to. you may make different choices and that is totally fine. “clean eating” really does have a variety of meanings for different people and i am not prescribing what is right or wrong, only what I’ve done. As you start your own journey too, please make sure you’re doing it in a healthy way, and that it’s really “clean,” or at least “clean-er,” or at the very least, healthier.

I kicked it off with a juice cleanse. I know I know, “awful reputation... bad for you... etc etc” whatever. I did it in a healthy way by making my own juices, subbing in some naked juice now and then, and taking plenty of liquid supplements.  This was kind of like going cold-turkey in a sense, because I didn’t just give up one food, one habit, etc.. I completely changed the way that I got my calories and thought about foods.  And man, was I hydrated from all the water!

you know that saying “mind over matter”? Yeah, well its very applicable here. You have to tell your mind, your body, that you don’t need what it is craving. Because honestly, you don’t.  And it’s hard to tell your body no, to break that habit, and to focus on new things. Just like a bad ex, don’t backslide ;)

I made some general guidelines for myself – what I will and will not eat/drink etc.  from there, I’ve just been taking it easy with the foods and drinks, and choosing my meals carefully. I listen to my body and eat when I am hungry, not when the clock, or my fellow coworkers, tell me to. I drink when I am thirsty and I know my body will need hydration. And above all, I balance my intake.  And here is where it gets really tricky.

Based on genetic makeup, athletic tolerance, workout modes, and how much sleep you get – just to name a few – your body has different needs every day, every hour even! And it’s your job to learn how to fuel it properly.  Why? Because otherwise your body won’t work with you.  one of the craziest “side effects” I’ve noticed so far is that i hardly even crave those bad foods anymore.  Your body just doesn’t want those bad foods anymore. Even if you do have a moment of weakness and eat those foods you once loved – they don’t really taste the same, or have the same satisfying effect they did before. Your body also doesn’t know how to handle them, and can revolt! Trust me! But it does get easier, a lot easier. You just don’t crave them anymore because your body is getting what it needs, finally!  Some of them (nachos and bagels included) will always make my mouth water… but for the most part, I just don’t have a desire to eat them anymore. Problem solved.


One of my favorite motivational quotes is from Eric Thomas

“To be able, at any moment, to sacrifice what you are... for what you will become. most of you won't be successful because when you're studying and you get tired, you quit. "I don't do well in Math." You're right, you ain't never studied. "I'm not good at writing." Because you've never written before! Talent doesn't come naturally, skill is only developed over hours, and hours, and hours of beating on your craft. If you are not making someone else's life better, you are wasting your time.  Don't cry to give up, cry to keep going! Don't cry to quit! You're already in pain, you’re already hurting, get a reward for it!”


And it always rings true. if you aren’t willing, at any moment, to sacrifice what you are at that moment for what you want to become, then you aren’t really ready for this journey.  You have to want results, want a clean diet, want a better life, so badly that you are willing to put down that kit-kat right now and start it. There isn’t one “new beginning” - you get a new beginning every single second. so why wait? right now


You don’t have the support? text me.

You don’t know where to start? email me.

If I’m not helping to make your life better, I am wasting my time ;)