“There will never be a point in your life where it’s the right time to do a great thing. If you wait for that perfect, perfect moment, that perfect timing is not going to happen. You know what you have to do? You have to create the perfect time. And the perfect opportunity. And the perfect situation.” – Eric Thomas


I moved around a lot when I was little – born in Illinois, moved to Georgia, grew up in Vermont... and then I landed in Worcester for a little while for my undergraduate and graduate work.  Then for one reason or another, once I graduated, I stayed in the area.  I talked myself into Boston. With friends and family close by, I decided searching for career opportunities here was the next logical step. Build a life here in "beantown.”  But something was missing.

Growing up, my sister and I always used to plan our lives together.  What we would be doing for careers, who we would marry, what skyscraper that poor sucker would be building for us... the whole nine.  And maybe it was the mystery of it all, or the dumb allure us east-coasters have for the west coast, but we always talked about California, Texas, and Colorado (and Tahiti, Ireland, and Rome – let’s be real).  How exciting it would be to live there.  Not that Boston isn’t exciting, or that career opportunities aren’t endless (though there might be permitting issues on that skyscraper), but I just can’t fight this nagging feeling anymore.

As much as I love the Northeast, and it absolutely breaks my heart to leave here… something is pulling me to the West Coast.  I have always had a love for out there – the sun, the palm trees, the smells... the ocean… and as much as I’ve talked about moving there in years past, I never took the bull by the horns.  Something always kept me from making moves (literally).  I recently had the opportunity to travel quite a bit for Spartan Race SGX (thank you Joe!), seeing venues in Washougal, Temecula, Malibu… and I realized how small the world really is.
It sounds so silly… “how small the world is,” because everybody says it at one point or another. But it’s seriously pretty tiny.  Just a hop and a skip and a 6 hour flight time, before I am homeward bound and can visit my parents, sister, and friends that I am broken-heartedly leaving behind. And I’m only ever a FaceTime or call  (and a devastating 3h time difference) away at any given point and I urge you to please keep in touch. (LET’S BE PEN PALS!?) Anyway…

Shoutout to my family and friends without whose support I definitely couldn’t be making this move. I’m brave sometimes – but only because of the strength that you guys continually provide me with. I’ll miss ALL of you, especially my mommy, daddy, boo, and puppins – but now you’ll have an excuse to visit the west. ;) 

So Boston, I guess this is it. There is no “perfect time” until I make it, so here goes.  Thank you so much for welcoming me in your open arms and allowing me to grow here, writing part of the story of my life along the Charles River.  But for now, I must bid you adieu. I’ll be back to visit, and I’ll miss you more than I can say…


TTFN- See you for the 2015 Boston Marathon!