So, naturally, Here I am on the plane to cali for undoubtedly one of the COOLEST adventures of my life..and I can't talk to anyone about it yet! How cruel!! The nerves, the jitters, the what ifs and the oh-nos. Solitude.

Good thing I've got a thick noggin.

All I can tell you is... I'm heading into a competition. A fierce, international one. Six countries represented and only a handful of athletes ready to take it on. Out of the whole world! Its dynamic. Its difficult. Its exciting. Its 600ft long, 80ft high, full of obstacles. And it's going to be shared with everyone, eventually.

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I've been preparing for this moment my whole life, really. Maybe not the silent part. But the adventuring. Meeting cool people. Training hard for the unknown. And most importantly.. The competition.

"Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer," they say. I think we used to blur that line in gymnastics, as kids. We were always in a puppy pile, as we called it. All our gym bags, our belongings, and ourselves as we waited for our turn to compete. Stacked on top of each other, sharing secrets and giggling. Giving each other last minute pointers. During our last few years in the league we would divide and conquer, calling out who would Take what event and the one toss up we would actually compete on.  If one of us did well, we all celebrated.  We didn't compete against each other, we competed to be the best that we individually could be. That was the rule.

Who knows what the rules will be here. I doubt we can divvy up the obstacles or days of competition among ourselves. And maybe I wouldn't want to anyways. Sometimes, life is competitive. In looks. In strength. In perseverance and determination. That's my quadruple threat right there. And I won't apologize for it. Watch out, Stallone... Watch out world. Unbreakable is coming for your Beast.

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