Hello there! Welcome to my new Unbreakable Fridays - or the Unbreakable SGX - Tenacious Challenge Series.  

One of the most important Spartan pillars to me is tenacity.  I incorporate tenacity in my personal training on a daily basis, and include aspects in all of my clients trainings, as well.

What does tenacity mean?  That nothing can go wrong, even when it appears to others that it has, and living up to the Spartan Code regardless of costs.

For the next month, I want you to be tenacious and replace one really bad habit with a really good habit.  Pick one of your favorite foods (an unhealthy favorite food, like pizza or ice cream!), and replace it with 10 reps of an exercise that you really hate.

No one ever said these challenges were going to be easy - but I will promise you the results are worth it.