Oh, hey there everybody. Welcome to Week 3 in the Tenacious Challenge Series here at Unbreakable SGX!

Finding your mental toughness can be difficult - but once you understand it, it's time to push the envelope a little bit. No one ever grew from staying where they were comfortable.  You have to figure out what your limits are, mentally and physically, and push past them. Hard.

This week - I want you to focus on one exercise that you currently cannot do, and start working hard on it for the next 1-2 months.  That's right - find your biggest weakness (don't lie to yourself...) write it down, and start working on it day by day.  Obviously you're not going to get the strength and flexibility for it overnight, but the idea is that you'll be working on progressions for up to eight weeks until you can master this one exercise.  Need help learning progressions or figuring out where to start?  Shoot me a message or sign up for some classes and we can work on it together!