We're straight onto Week 7 in the Unbreakable SGX Tenacious Challenges  - PushUps!

Push-Ups are a great way to improve your muscular balance and help create a foundation to maintain or build muscle strength. Working push-ups correctly will help you develop scapular muscles and rotator-cuff muscles to stabilize your shoulders.  If you're looking to build chest and back strength, it's important that you also work hard to develop your shoulder area too, to balance out.

If any of these variations start getting too easy for you, work with a partner (to place a weight on your back) or use a weighted vest.

Incline & Decline Push-Ups

Reverse Push-Ups

Tricep Push-Ups

Wide Push-Ups

Diamond Push-Ups

One-Legged  Push-Ups

Deltoid / V Push-Ups

Dive Bomber  Push-Ups

Varitaions on Front Punch and Shoulder Taps

Rolling Med Ball  Push-Ups

Lateral / Walking Push-Ups

Diamond Med Ball Push-Ups

Decline Tuck/Pike Raise Push-Ups

Front / Back Clapping  Push-Ups

Handstand  Push-Ups