Continuing the SGX Tenacious Challenges here moving into Week 8.

Here the focus will be on glute work, with an emphasis on keeping your core engaged.  I've noticed that a lot of people don't take glute work seriously, and that can we detrimental on a number of levels.  Always focus on squeezing as you stand up, and keeping your core tight the whole time.  These exercises can and will make a difference if you do them correctly.

As I mention here in the video - try doing 10 of these exercises at least 10 times through for 10 weeks. The first couple weeks you might be a little sore, but the results are totally going to be worth it :)

1) Donkey Pulses

2) Fire Hydrants

3) Forward Backward Straight Leg Circles

4) Squats / Wide Squats / Sumo Squats / Prisoner Style Squats

5) Squat with Knee to Chest

6) Squat Kicks

7) Side Lunges

8) Side Lunges with Lateral Leg Raise

9) Good Mornings

10) Deadlifts