OCR Specific Training


OCR Specific Training

from 225.00 every month for 3 months

The OCR Package is designed to help get you ready for Obstacle Course Racing at a competitive or elite level. Individualized Plan.

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Obstacle Course Racing Package (6-8 weeks):

  • Individualized workouts designed with you and your goals in mind, including concrete benchmarks along the way.

  • Training will include a mix of running, rucking, lifting, and obstacle-specific training. Gym is not mandatory.

  • 24/7 access to Shaun Provost for fitness/nutrition questions and necessary motivation.

  • Mandatory weekly check-ins - OCR training builds on itself over time, and if you miss a scheduled workout due to illness or extenuating circumstances, we want to make sure you won't get injured. Always communicate with your coach!

  • OCR-Specific Health Coaching

    • Shaun will help to motivate and educate you to cultivate positive fitness, nutritional, and healthful choices including behavioral adjustment and lifestyle changes.

  • OCR-Specific Nutritional Guidance

    • Obstacle course athletes typically burn more calories for longer both during and after their workouts, and their macronutrient plan needs to accommodate these changes. Without the proper fuel, athletes can become tired, less motivated, and potentially risk injury. This guidance will help keep you on track for your OCR goals and fuel your body for the work it's doing.