Run Specific Training


Run Specific Training

from 200.00 every month for 6 months

The Running Specific Package is a personalized training plan to designed to get you ready for your next foot race. Whether that's a 5k or an ultramarathon, Live Unbreakable has you covered.

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Running Specific Package (Timeline & price depend on race distance / type)

  • Individualized running workouts, geared toward the specific distance you've got your sights (and heart) set on.

  • Customized lifting, hiit, & cross training workouts designed to increase your cardiovascular endurance, strengthen your core, and eliminate typical injuries associated with the sport of running.

  • Running-Specific Foam-Rolling Guidance

    • Foam-rolling (while not the most exciting exercise) can significantly increase your range of motion, flexibility, and decrease your chances of injury.

  • 24/7 access to Shaun Provost for fitness/nutrition questions and necessary motivation.

  • Running-Specific Health Coaching

    • Shaun will help to motivate and educate you to cultivate positive fitness, nutritional, and healthful choices including behavioral adjustment and lifestyle changes.

  • Running-Specific Nutritional Guidance

    • Runners aren't always known for their dedication to nutrition, but Unbreakable athletes definitely are. Running and cardio-intense activities can change your metabolism quickly, and you need to keep up with it to avoid injury. This individualized nutritional plan can help you achieve your goals quickly without getting tired, losing motivation, or getting injured.