I didn’t want to work out today. Not no way, not no how. Not into it. I taught a class, it wasn’t my best. I thought about going to a class, but I did not have any motivation. I could gather the excuses, but not the courage. I could gather the strength to lift a glass of wine, but not to lace up my shoes.  I wanted the endorphin rush from a run, but didn’t want to exert the effort.


But, why am I telling you this?


Because I worked out anyway. Because I gathered up my pity-party woes and excuses, stuffed them in a metaphorical back pocket of my gym bag, and marched myself out the door right into a kickboxing class. Because I silenced the demons telling me to take a day off. Because ultimately, I’m just like you, right now. Trainer or not, nutritionist or not, we all have off days. But it’s the decision to do something about it, to live unbreakable, that separates the wolves from the sheep. And you, my friend, you were born to be a FUCKING WOLF.


Days like today aren’t the norm, but when they happen, I drown out all motivation and just feel bad that I’m not like myself. I get mad that I’m not more motivated or ready. I’m disappointed in myself for not making the right choice but make no steps towards it. I feel tired, I feel in pain, I feel… sorry for myself. When ultimately, there’s no excuse to not get up and go work out. So I did. And so can you.


Days like today build mental tenacity. They build mental strength. THESE are the kinds of days that when your head is screaming “NO! I DON’T WANNA!” you can kindly tell those thoughts to go screw, you’d like 45-60 minutes of time to yourself to get a solid workout in.


Days like today get you ready for those longer endurance races. They build your stamina when you want to quit.  They’re also good for those short races when you don’t think you can push any faster, but you dig deeper and achieve a PR.


Days like today?  Of course you can quit. But where will that get you? Toss the excuses. Lace up your shoes. Walk out the door. Accomplish the mission. That glass of wine will be there when you get back.

i didnt want to workout.jpeg